On the , Italy, Kat introduces the Protagonist to Sator, and learns the drawing is intact Sharf, Zack January 10, 2020
" Jessica Kiang of described it as Nolan's "time-bending" take on , praising the film's cinematography, score, editing, acting and "immaculately creaseless costumes", while also deeming it a "hugely expensive, blissfully empty spectacle" Newland, Christina August 25, 2020

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Sound designer sent a team to Eagle Mountain to record the Chinooks and Mi-8, and to for the catamarans.

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The mission: prevent Andrei Sator, a renegade Russian oligarch with precognition abilities, from starting World War III
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" Mark Daniell of the gave the film four out of four stars, deeming it "the cinematic equivalent of a , presented in towering Imax and featuring a polished cast set amidst some of the world's most gorgeous locations
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The windfarm vessel Iceni Revenge was brought through Denmark, Estonia, and Italy for all three months
" On , the film has a of 69 out of 100 based on 50 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews" Tartaglione, Nancy September 13, 2020
In a twilight world of international espionage, an unnamed CIA operative, known as The Protagonist, is recruited by a mysterious organization called Tenet to participate in a global assignment that unfolds beyond real time Hipes, Patrick May 22, 2019

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Mayor expressed concerns about potential disruptions as the shooting schedule required that the arterial be closed for one month.

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Seeing Pattinson in 2017 made a considerable impression on producer.

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Researching caused him to generate melodies that would sound the same forward and backward
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