My darling and I, our eyes are very sweet! Her brother was Ezz el-Din Hosni, a violinist who used to work with Oum Kalthoum In the Motion Picture Ibnaty Al-Aziza• When Nagat was young, her brother Ezz el-Din Hosni trained her to memorize and sing Oum Kalthoum's songs
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Amma Barawa (أما براوة) by Nagat al

She was given the name "Nagat al-Saghira" which means "Nagat the Young" because at the time she began her career, there was another artist named Nagat Ali who was famous at the time for both acting and singing.

كلمات أغنية أما براوة للفنانة نجاة الصغيرة
Original Artist: Nagat al-Saghira Song lyrics are provided for educational purposes
أمّا براوة
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كلمات اما براوة , اغنيه نجاه الصغيره اما براوه
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«أما براوة».. غنتها نجاة في فيلم «ابنتي العزيزة»

She succeeded in imitating them to perfection, which led to her being discovered.

«أما براوة».. غنتها نجاة في فيلم «ابنتي العزيزة»
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اما براوة حسين الجسمي Mp3
Also included is a transliteration of the Arabic lyrics into the Roman alphabet so you can sing along if you like
كلمات اغنية اما براوة
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كلمات اغنية اما براوة

She was born in Cairo in 1936, and she came from a family of artists.

اما براوة
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كلمات اغنية اما براوة
This page contains a translation into English of the lyrics to the Egyptian song "Amma Barawa", which was popularized by Nagat el-Saghira
اما براوة حسين الجسمي Mp3
Another spelling for the song title is "Ama Barawa" or "Amma Barawah"