The same magazine ranked Pfeiffer among the greatest fashion icons of the 1980s, calling her the decade's "go-to girl" and "one of our all-time favourite movie goddesses" The film was an arthouse success and Pfeiffer garnered a substantial amount of critical praise; of The New York Times wrote that "Ms
Pfeiffer said she tends to become addicted to her characters once she commits to the role Stevens, Dana January 7, 2019

ميشيل فايفر... أسطورة لم ينطفئ نجمها

Her career so far is an arc of triumph and courage.

ميشيل فايفر تتحدث عن سبب ابتعادها عن هوليوود
The slew of films that would follow in 2017 would prompt the media to dub her career resurgence a "Pfeiffer-sance"
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Sieczkowski, Cavan September 16, 2013
ميشيل فايفر تتحدث عن سبب ابتعادها عن هوليوود
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Media commentators noted that Pfeiffer had unexpectedly become a "pop-music muse" in 2014; her name is mentioned in two of the year's most popular songs: "" by featuring , and "" by 1800—present: Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Famous for being "press-shy" and private like the characters she plays, Matthew Jacobs of crowned Pfeiffer Hollywood's prime example of "a movie star who doesn't walk around feeling like a movie star", which benefits her ability to play authentic characters without allowing her fame to affect her talent Pfeiffer began her career in 1978 with minor television appearances before attaining her first leading role in 1982

ميشيل فايفر تتغزل بزوجها وتكشف سر نجاح زواجهما لمدة 30 عامًا

Although a fan of Pfeiffer's work in the musicals Grease 2 and The Fabulous Baker Boys, director cast Pfeiffer largely based on her performance in Batman Returns, claiming she was his first and only choice to play Velma.

ميشيل فايفر: رائحة جورج كلوني في فيلم One Fine Day كانت تشبه مصنع البيرة
Praising their comedic timing, wrote that Pfeiffer and her female co-stars each "have a delicious good time with their roles", while the film critic said Pfeiffer makes her character "a warm, irresistible character
ميشيل فايقر
Sims, James June 28, 2007
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According to several plastic surgeons, Pfeiffer possesses some of the most sought-after and requested celebrity features among clients