Canada's request for her immediate release sparked a Saudi Arabia: A Country Study
Badawi stated that there is no legal basis for court trials of women on the charge of driving Her presentation centered on the situation of human rights advocates in Saudi Arabia, and the detention of her husband activist

منظمة تعلن إفراج السعودية عن الناشطتين سمر بدوي ونسيمة السادة

Hubbard, Ben 12 January 2016.

السعودية تطلق سراح الناشطتين سمر بدوي ونسيمة السادة
السعودية تفرج عن الناشطتين سمر بدوي ونسيمة السادة بعد 3 سنوات من اعتقالهما
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بعد الإفراج عن سمر بدوي ونسيمة السادة.. حقوقيون وكتاب خليجيون يطالبون السعودية بإطلاق سراح جميع سجناء الرأي: الحرية حقهم
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On 18 October 2010, the told Badawi's lawyer that it would investigate the legality of both cases The , a Saudi Arabian human rights , described Badawi's imprisonment as "outrageous illegal detention"

سمر بدوي


سمر بدوي
On 18 July 2010, , governor of , proposed creating a committee to "reconcile father and daughter by making him promise not to use violence against her, to allow her to marry, and not to file spurious lawsuits [that] he could not prove
من هي سمر بدوي التي أدى اعتقالها إلى أزمة بين السعودية وكندا؟
There had been a local and international support campaign for her release
Samar Badawi
" A spokesperson for the , Maj