It is possible, however, to say with certainty that Genghis Khan died in August 1227; only in specifying the actual day of his death do our sources disagree London: Longmans, Green, and co
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في متحف تركي.. حياة حقيقية لـ6 مومياوات من الدولة الإلخانية

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ويكيبيديا:مراجعة الزملاء/الدولة الإلخانية
The Jalayirids, Chobanids, Muzaffarids, Injuids, Sarbadars and Kartids took the Ilkhanate's place as the major powers in Iran
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Because he wanted to secure his claim on with the help of the Great Khans of the
ما موطن العثمانيين و أصلهم
The Knights of Islam: The Wars of the Mamluks
632-661 661—750 750—1258 642—760 651—1349 651—760 665—1598 791 — 11th century 864 — 14th century 821—873 819—999 861—1003 pre-879 — 1215 889—929 919—1062 930—1090 932—968 934—1062 977—1186 1008—1141 1029—1236 1030—1355 1037—1194 1077—1231 1135—1225 1141—1319 1148—1282 1155—1424 1155—1231 1184-1597 1223-1306 1236—1537 1244—1396 1256—1335 1335—1357 1335—1393 1337—1376 1337—1376 1335—1357 1349—1504 1359—1596 1370—1507 1370s—1592 1406—1468 1468—1508• Bosworth, The New Islamic Dynasties, New York, 1996 Francis Robinson, The Mughal Emperors and the Islamic Dynasties of India, Iran and Central Asia, pp
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الدولة الإلخانية

Ghazan's envoys were involved in cultural exchange across Mongol Eurasia.

محمود غازان
Ghazan sent two of his relatives against the army of Chagatai Khanate but they deserted
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A History of the Crusades 3
كتب محاضرات في تاريخ الأمم الإسلامية الدولة العباسية
When Ghazan was crowned, the invaded Khorasan in 1295
Waterson, James 2007 The Knights of Islam: The Wars of the Mamluks Ghazan well maintained his strong ties with the Great Khan of the Yuan and the Golden Horde
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قيامة عثمان 39 المعركة الكبرى بين غيخاتو وعثمان

Contains a searchable database for Ilkhanid coins• Ghazan called upon other Mongol Khans to unite their will under the Khagan Temur.

عثمان يتسلم امارة القبائل ويبدأ فى تأسيس دولته ... الحلقة 57 مسلسل المؤسس عثمان مترجمة وبجودة HD
Harlow, UK; New York, New York, USA:
الدولة الأفشارية
الدولة الإلخانية