Later on, she released two more albums consecutively entitled Aqolak Shey and Warrini She studied at Rosary School in Abu Dhabi
Afterwards, she studied in the in Lebanon Later on, for her college studies, Ruwaida chose to study audiovisual and theater directing

Ruwaida al

At the age of 6 years old, she started learning to play the.

اغاني رويدا المحروقي mp3
In 2002, she released her first album Akher Hob
Ruwaida al
In 2008, she released the album Mohri Ghali which brought her more fame, and success
اغاني رويدا المحروقي mp3
In 1996, she participated in the famous Lebanese TV show "Studio Al Fan"
Early life [ ] al-Mahrouqi was born to an Omani father and Emirati mother Along with her musical career, she also worked as a director in
Career [ ] Since she was young, she has been fascinated by the artistic world The jury was impressed by her performance of the song of "Aatini Annaya Wa Ghani"

الفنانة رويدا المحروقي في عيد ميلادها.. حلم الفن منذ الطفولة

Two years later, before she even was 8 years old, she participated in a contest.

رويدا محروقي
اغاني رويدا المحروقي mp3
Indeed, her great talent and impressing vocal capacities allowed her to perform the song in a classical style
اغاني رويدا المحروقي mp3
She has also taken part in a 2013 television series entitled Do Re Mi