[ ] On the evening of 12 October, while giving a public speech, Aoun survived an assassination attempt by a lone gunman in the crowd 2009 elections and government formation The results of the granted the FPM 27 parliamentary seats
Colin Campbell 24 September 1982 Since the end of the Syrian occupation of Lebanon, General Aoun has been seeking to improve his country's relationship with Syria


In the second round, an absolute 50 percent plus one majority of the quorum was needed, meaning 64 votes required for election.

ميشيل عون يعد اللبنانيين ببذل كل الجهود للخروج من الأزمات
Aoun also won major Christian districts such as Zahle and Metn
Presidency 2016—present Second Hariri Cabinet After the resignation of Tammam Salam, Aoun designated Saad Hariri to form a new cabinet following binding parliamentary consultations
موقع القناة الثالثة و العشرون
In 2016, Aoun reconciled with Geagea after signing "Maarab understanding", and was endorsed by the , , as well as Hezbollah to become the thirteenth President of Lebanon
In 1980, Aoun returned to Lebanon and was appointed later as the interim commander of the mainly Christian , that is credited for protecting the Palestinian refugee camp of Borj Al Barajneh from the sinister fate of Sabra and Chatila, and fought against the pro-Syrian and militias at the during the The Daily Star Newspaper - Lebanon
After some hesitation about going, Aoun did travel to the United States, and met with several senators and representatives, but could not enter the congress because of the As he read the key points of his understanding with Aoun, Geagea paused for a moment to tell a joke

موقع القناة الثالثة و العشرون

Memorandum of understanding between the FPM and Hezbollah In 2006, Michel Aoun and met in Mar Mikhayel Church, Chiyah, a venue that symbolizes Christian—Muslim coexistence as the Church, located in the heart of the mainly Muslim Beirut southern suburb, was preserved throughout the wars.

ميشال عون متفائل... واللبنانيون يحملونه مسؤولية انهيار البلاد.. ما الجديد؟
This accord was later revealed to have been prepared two years earlier by Rafic Hariri
ميشال عون يطلب إبلاغ الأمم المتحدة بخرق إسرائيل للسيادة اللبنانية
The Lebanese Armed forces however were better equipped and trained and were ably led
Michel Aoun
Animal welfare In August 2017, Aoun signed the country's first bill into law, guaranteeing that domestic and wild animals would be legally protected from abuse
Then, he visited who was in the 11th year of a lifetime jail sentence, condemned for alleged and disputed responsibility for politically motivated assassinations during the 15-year civil war Gemayel referenced the historical precedent of 1952, when General Fouad Chehab, a Christian Maronite, was appointed as prime minister of a transition government following the resignation of President
On 7 May, Aoun returned to Lebanon How could anyone say I am anti-American? Before his arrival to the LF's headquarters, Aoun met with Maronite Patriarch , who has repeatedly voiced his support for initiatives aimed at breaking the presidential deadlock

Michel Aoun

was elected in his place.

ميشال عون
His father was Naim Aoun who worked as a butcher, while his mother was Marie Aoun, a Lebanese woman who was born in the United States
ميشال عون ... والدور المطلوب أن يلعبه
a law that Critics argue was implemented by Syrian intelligence chief and , that does not provide for a real popular representation and marginalizes many communities especially the Christian one throughout the country
They intended to get rid of us by marginalizing us, and by treating us as a superfluous element in society