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Game Mode - Drag Race is the most popular game mode, very challenging to win the race and there is a daily championship with generous gifts Free Roaming in a desert gives you the freedom of climbing dunes, hooking some treasure boxes or hooking a friend out of sand or flood

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Can You Dare to Challenge? obb Fichier SHA1: bde54e485a9f9859b0813c1c84e9d0a3ed3673a9 Taille de fichier: 84.

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I think a voice chat would be cool for every server
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And You can have an animal pet beside you
obb Fichier SHA1: d761198880f12b3e84bb5dfcfb79e33941b50b51 Taille de fichier: 1
obb Fichier SHA1: b1be7bfc2f41a15725df98082953ad247a58d750 Taille de fichier: 84 Cars - A variety of cars from Pickup cars, SUV, Four Wheel, 4X4, and wild mud Trucks, the ability to upgrade all parts, the performance including Engine, Turbo, Intake, Transmission, Nitro and Free design modifications on Visual upgrades including Car body design, Paint, Tint, Drawings, Stickers, Flags and more

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Thrilling Climbing Sand Dune was created for Desert, Car and Camping lovers!!! Maps and Weather - Landscapes of desert, RoundTrip, Oasis, Highway and Roundabout.

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Stay Social - Chat in global or voice chat other players in private servers, Make friends, add or search for ID, the ability to create a race club with one leader
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Flag challenge has the most fun gameplay but only opens on special occasions
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obb Fichier SHA1: 08f839b850dc721731eeb0af9d46700e596276a6 Taille de fichier: 83