I left school because of my serious illness and even work I cannot because of illness and some severe conditions
I am sick without a doctor and no medicine is given because the treatment in my country is only treated by the rich

كتابة معروض جاهز صيغة كتابة المعاريض

I have acute nerves in the stomach and head, and I do not drink medicines.

أفضل معروض طلب مساعدة مالية من امير واهل الخير جاهز
I suffer from very strong mental illnesses that have exhausted me a lot for more than 4 years
خطاب طلب مساعدة مالية نماذج معروض مساعدات مالية
My condition is difficult and the situation is getting more difficult, and I also have a cataract and a problem in the eyes
معروض طلب مساعدة مالية جاهز للطباعة
I like studying and seeking knowledge

نموذج طلب مساعدة مالية من جمعية خيرية


نموذج معروض طلب مساعدة مالية جاهز Doc
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