We're here for you when something comes up in between your scheduled sessions I was lucky to find this great service that helped me manage through my transition back to recovery
Today we accept Medicaid in GA only Therapy happens over messaging, video, or over the phone with our own counselors

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Therapy happens over messaging, video, or over the phone with our own counselors.

Against the Gods 1390
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They use evidence-based approaches in structured, goal-oriented sessions
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We accept most major commercial insurances as well as Medicare
These therapies, called mind-body therapies MBTs , have been scientifically proven to reduce pain and need for pain killers and can be used in conjunction with medications your doctor prescribes We can work with any insurance plan through either out of network rates or our low cost self-pay options
Whether you are preparing for a painful surgery or living with chronic pain, our pain program teaches you essential skills to regulate your pain

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Our approaches include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT , Coping and Emotion Regulation, Psychoeducation, Crisis Management, Reflective Listening, Mindfulness and Empathy.

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We will soon accept Medicaid in CA
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Connect with our licensed counselors in a safe and private environment
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Our counselors are experienced professionals who go through a rigorous vetting process