Ayin dab or Ayin debo in Aramaic, meaning "Spring of the wolf" History [ ] in Gaziantep Neolithic period [ ] The of , which gives its name to the , is situated a few kilometers to the north of the city center There are 264 species and 6,814 animals
Politics [ ] A view of the old town from Gaziantep is traditionally said to reflect in advance the rising political trends in Turkey, according preference to in 1984, in 1989, 's then named as in 1994, and in 2004 local elections 5 Average mm inches 98

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The Armenians of Aintab: The Economics of Genocide in an Ottoman Province.

The main campus of is located 10 km 6 mi away from the city center
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Development around the base of the castle upgrades the beauty and accessibility to the castle and to the surrounding copper workshops
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Although the history of castle is incomplete, as a result of the excavations conducted there, Bronze Age settlement layers are thought to exist under the section existing on the surface of the soil
"Official Turkish historiography claims that the Turkish—French war in Aintab was a heroic struggle for national independence, which earned the city glory and its grand title, ghazi conqueror In the 19th century, there was considerable American Protestant Christian missionary activity in Aintab
The epigraph on the main gate of the inn is dated 1800, but the building apparently had been built earlier and was repaired at this date They are made of locally found keymik rock and have an inner courtyard called the hayat, which is the focal point of the house

معلومات عن مدينة غازي عنتاب

Hantab, Hamtab, or Hatab as known by the.

معلومات عن مدينة غازي عنتاب
Transportation [ ] The city is served by , which has commercial flights to domestic and regional international destinations
مناطق سياحية جذابة في ولاية غازي عنتاب (صور)
The first owners of the inn were Asiye, the daughter of Battal Bey and Emine Hatun, the daughter of Hadji Osman Bey
معلومات عن مدينة غازي عنتاب
It is one of the largest universities in Turkey, boasting 27,000 students