I can't do any better than what you'll find there they mean different things in different places
I can't be more detailed than that without writing a book Isn't there a catalog at your institution describing all courses including these? I have a vague idea but I'd really love to have a better understanding of these subjects and what would be taught in these classes at a university

علم البديع و علم المعانى

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علم المعاني (بلاغة)
علم المعاني ، دراسة بلاغية ونقدية لمسائل المعاني
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علم البديع و علم المعانى
Only the course instructor could give you a definitive answer to your question
Extremely involved and complex subjects needing a vast linguistic and literary and historical background As I said previously, these terms are tricky especially in their Arabic versions
44 pts Page rot 0 File size 9966015 bytes Optimized no PDF version 1 They all have something to do with the language in its elite categories, how its used, spoken and written and so on

علم المعاني


تعريف علم المعاني
تعريف علم المعاني، وموضوعه، وواضعه
علم المعاني (لسانيات)
Check out Wikipedia for a complete and thorough explanation of RHETORIC and SEMANTICS