This situation reinforces the rather conflicting social climate We can therefore expect a rise in investment in this country, if the government is able to prove itself and especially to be tough on terrorists to secure its territory
"Pakistan — International Religious Freedom Report 2008" In 2009, the idh was 0

صور معالم باكستان .. التاريخية و السياحية

Thus, the territory extends along the Indus Valley and controls several strategic passages of the Persian Gulf.

صور معالم باكستان .. التاريخية و السياحية
The energy crisis in particular has not reassured investors about the country's ability to receive their capital
ليستة بلاچات العالم
There is also the federal territory of Islamabad capital, the tribal areas in the north, and the cashmere region divided with India in the east of the country
خريطة السودان
Indeed, this man, elected for the third time has shown his business man abilities and has shown his determination to restore the economy of the country focusing first and foremost on the energy issue
Irfan Husain 17 April 2010 These groups use terrorist means to make their demands heard
The currency is the Pakistan rupee However, the country remains an important geopolitical player in the region, particularly in the settlement of the war in Afghanistan

علم باكستان

Owais Tohid 7 June 2005.

اسماء دول العالم بالانجليزي ، اسماء دول اوروبا و افريقيا و شرق اسيا و دول اوروبية
However, there is a real difference in development between regions
Pakistan — The Political Economy of Growth, Stagnation and the State, 1951—2009 Routledge
إختصار لأسماء الدول باللغة الإنجليزية
India, Pakistan and the West