Leadership ability to deliver and lead the marketing team
Working closely with all departments to ensure the best customer service Exceed client expectations Provide Marketing support for both our retail operation and franchise too

وين فروع كرز لنن في الرياض

Develop and share best practices to increase retail sales.

وظيفة مطور ماجنتو
Drive allocation of channel marketing funds to deliver the best ROI and deliver share growth
كود خصم كرز لنن 50%
Help retail team establish KPIs to measure marketing activity effectiveness
وظيفة مطور ماجنتو
Marketing Communication and internal departmental communication
Design, plan and implement Karaz Linen marketing strategies Develop and manage ROI, analytics for marketing campaigns and Monitor ROAS Return On Advertising Spend , and other performance metrics related to influencers and social media matrix
Make daily, weekly, monthly, yearly marketing reports Confer with production and support personnel to produce or coordinate the production of advertisements and promotions

كود خصم كرز لنن 50%

This includes alternative ways to inform and entertain via written, oral, and visual media.

كود خصم كرز لنن
Identify and reach out to potential affiliates to support retail programs
تقوم شركة كرز لنن بالتوظيف لوظيفة Marketing Manager في الرياض السعودية
Identify, develop, and evaluate marketing strategy to promote products, based on knowledge of establishment objectives and market characteristics
وين فروع كرز لنن في الرياض
Plan and budget marketing activities and milestones in accordance with the master KARAZ linen strategic plan
Monitor the competitive landscape and trends in consumer buying behaviors and develop appropriate responses Communications and Media -- Knowledge of media production, communication, and dissemination techniques and methods
Using the tools to analyze the market needs, per region, as well as analysis of each store Create, develop, and ensure field compliance with Karaz Linen brand guidelines

كود خصم كرز لنن 50%

Marketing ROI maximizes the use of the marketing budget.

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Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of the community, consumer, employee, and public interest groups
وظيفة مطور ماجنتو
Punctuality and attention to fine details
كود خصم كرز لنن حتى 50% على جميع المفارش و المخدات عند التسوق أون لاين karazlinen 2021 July
Work closely with internal departments to create messaging to build brand awareness and drive purchase intent