The company supervises and organizes local and international events such as:• It has been able to occupy a prominent place among the regional exhibition centers in an effort to reach the world, where the company is a proud member of Global Association of the Exhibition Industry UFI
exhibitions, conferences, camps, concerts, plays, meetings and more KIF is an internationally accredited official organizer of exhibitions

مركز الرياض الدولي للمؤتمرات والمعارض

In addition to providing consultations to its clients.

مركز أبوظبي الوطني للمعارض
Kuwait International Fair
ارض المعارض • عروض نت

مركز التطعيم الجديد في أرض المعارض.. مصر تتوسع بخطة لقاحات كورونا


ارض المعارض • عروض نت
أرض المعارض.. من مركز للكتب إلى أكبر مستشفى ميداني ومركز تطعيم كورونا