The project depends on some of the links between the unstructured texts news and entities people through the analysis of text and the approach with the names of public figures, in addition to some of the process of identifying the images of the characters through the news in which it was mentioned
Who is popular today, a project that regularly archives news and public figures from the Wikipedia, then links current events with public figures, and then comes the statistics, information extraction and patterns recognision The project aims primarily at analyzing news to extract information and linking it more favorably to the reader, instead of reading the news randomly

جبير بن مطعم بن عدي بن نوفل بن عبد مناف القرشي النوفلي

The other goal is to archive news as profiles for public figures, making them a permanent reference for researchers.

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جبير بن مطعم news archive


جبير بن مطعم news archive
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جبير بن مطعم