She was the winner of Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2010 , and winner of : Raqs el Noujoum Season 2 Her boundless energy, captivating presence, and lauded performances quickly made her a fan favorite, and she was crowned the winner
She then went on to host The , followed by the popular talent show, Arab Casting, on Later on, she was selected to participate in the second edition of : Raqs el Noujoum in 2014

دانييلا رحمة أجمل ممثلات العرب لكن؟

Also, she mentioned that she is focusing on herself, being busy, and she preferred not to answer what is being said on the media.

Daniella Rahme
دانييلا رحمة في
Murex D'or Award for phenomenon of the year in 2018• In Namibia, she worked with and wishes to establish her own charitable foundation
ممثلة سورية تفضح علاقة دانييلا رحمة بـ ناصيف زيتون
Winner of : Raqs el Noujoum in 2014• Saraya, News 27 May 2020
, Nationality , Alma mater , , Sydney Criticism [ ] Despite Daniella's success, she faced much criticism regarding her Australian accent and that people can see its impact on her acting roles
Winner of Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2010• , Occupation , Years active 2009—present Height 1 Winner of Miss Lebanon Australia 2009• When Daniella was asked about her opinion to what is being said multiple times, she said that her role in "Awlad Adam" proved to all criticizers wrong and that she "doesn't care"

دانييلا رحمة في

Other activities [ ] She is the ambassador for , first female Ambassador of watches in the region and.

Daniella Rahme
Contestant of Miss Supranational 2011 Semi-Finalist• Early life [ ] Daniella Rahme was born in , to Lebanese singer Youssef Rahme who immigrated to Australia during the
ممثلة سورية تفضح علاقة دانييلا رحمة بـ ناصيف زيتون
Career [ ] Daniella's first TV Foot Locker commercial was in 2009
كيف نسّقت دانييلا رحمة اللون الأبيض؟
That dream became a concrete reality in 2018
Awards and Contests [ ]• Daniella Rahme — YouTube Channel Hariri, Said 26 May 2020
Alsaadi, Miram February 2, 2014 She has always had a passion for acting, fostering it during her school years by participating in theater and drama programs

دانييلا رحمة بإطلالة ساحرة

In addition, she participated in "Al Awdah", and "Awlad Adam" which was streamed during Ramadan 2020.

دانييلا رحمة: أغار من النجوم الكبار
on Awards and achievements Preceded by Sarah Mansour Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2010 Succeeded by Maria Farah
دانييلا رحمة بملامح ساحرة في أحدث صورة لها
She studied at the and in Sydney
Daniella Rahme
Recently, in December 2020, Daniella's series called DNA was streamed on shahid Vip and she played the role of Aya