ones you took yourself, are allowed
This only applies to photographs National Institute on Drug Abuse NIDA

ماذا تفعل إذا تعرضت لاعتداء جنسي

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ملخص كتاب «كيف تمسك بزمام القوة».. 48 قاعدة ترشدك إليها
We ask that you use the pinned open discussion threads instead, where you can promote your content, engage with the community, and get feedback
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Keep posts relevant to the subreddit Broadly speaking, anything concerning the Arab World, Arabic culture, and the various Arab states, including ethnic and linguistic minorities therein, is welcome
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Don't derail threads Please try and stay relevant and on-topic
This refers to a set of attitudes incl No nationalism Check your nationalism at the door
Don't engage in racism, sexism, sectarianism, homophobia, or any other form of bigotry Examples include links to wikipedia articles; unsourced historical pictures with no context and information; screenshots from social media; your personal DNA ancestry results, and so on

ملخص كتاب «كيف تمسك بزمام القوة».. 48 قاعدة ترشدك إليها

No low-effort posts As the subreddit grows and the volume of posts with it, the need to be regulate them becomes a necessity.

عدم القدرة على الصراخ والكلام في النوم
are tentatively allowed, although to prevent them taking over the subreddit they will be approved or removed at the moderators' discretion depending on their quality
BizHub بزهــب
No outrage posts Crossposting offensive and obviously inflammatory social media posts is not allowed
أحلام عن الأبقار
For questions that are not open-ended and only require a quick answer please use the pinned open discussion threads
This is not a photo album All non-original photograph posts — cities, nature, bedouins, etc We are not concerned with the daily political developments in the Arab World
Great energy Amazing startups Outstanding Investment Panel If you must argue, argue in good faith

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الأصدقاء الحقيقيون يصعب إيجادهم! هل يتعافى المرء بأصدقائه
Day 2 of Investment Pitches
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Q: How would you evaluate a pre-revenue startup for seed investment? — belong in the open discussion threads
إعادة تأهيل مدمني المخدرات
"One is too many, and a thousand is never enough