I have heard it said, and he has perhaps been told, that one of the best phrases in Mr Walpole's letter was by you, and that you had said in jest, speaking in the name of the King of Prussia, 'If you wish for persecutions, I am a king, and can procure them for you of any sort you like,' and that Mr Walpole Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, "Book V", Emile, p
" Rousseau's ideas have influenced progressive "child-centered" education Rousseau based his political philosophy on contract theory and his reading of

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Metaphysics Research Lab, Stanford University.

جان جاك روسو.. الوجه الذي ظلّ مضيئاً من الأنوار
Rousseau's plea for melody introduced the idea that in art, the free expression of a creative person is more important than the strict adherence to traditional rules and procedures
دار التنوير
Princeton, New Jersey, Princeton University Press , also available in French
جان جاك روسو.. الوجه الذي ظلّ مضيئاً من الأنوار
Chicago: University of Chicago Press
"On the Origin of Language", trans In fact, rather than being run by vote of the "citizens", the city was ruled by a small number of wealthy families that made up the "Council of Two Hundred"; these delegated their power to a 25-member executive group from among them called the "Little Council"
"Aspects of Rousseau's Political Thought", Political Science Quarterly, December 1961 Rousseau befriended fellow philosopher in 1742, and would later write about Diderot's romantic troubles in his Confessions

قراءة في كتــاب إميــل أو التــربية لجون جاك روســو

" Rousseau had read about an essay competition sponsored by the to be published in the Mercure de France on the theme of whether the development of the arts and sciences had been morally beneficial.

جان جاك روسو
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997
دين الفطرة
In June 1768, Rousseau left Trie, leaving Therese behind, and went first to , and subsequently to
——— 1978 , "General Will Before Rousseau", Political Theory, 6 4 : 485—516, :,• These consisted of a series of letters Rousseau wrote to Mme Delessert in Lyon to help her daughters learn the subject